Apply for the Tomooh Scholarship Program today!

Amidst what seems to be a tough unsolvable socio-political situation, we should all take a pause and wonder what keeps the rusty cogs of Lebanon running.

I believe it’s the invisible hands.

No, this is not some science-fiction blog post, this is about the individuals, private companies and associations working silently in the background, behind the scenes, to change our reality one milestone at a time.

One such initiative is Tomooh, a program which has granted 2,057 scholarships all around Lebanon in the past 10 years.


Initiated by Pepsico as part of their CSR program, this partial scholarship program aims at empowering students through education by providing scholarships strictly based on academic standing and financial needs without any other considerations (Religion, gender, sect, physical or mental abilities).


How to apply?

If you are seeking to apply, scholarships are available to Undergraduate students wanting to continue their BA in Lebanon and aged between 18 and 22.

As soon as you fill out the application and prepare all the needed documents, you are requested to drop the file at any LibanPost office over Lebanon where you can request the (free) pre-paid Tomooh Envelope. The envelope can also be dropped at Ajialouna Offices جمعية أجيالنا (Verdun, Beirut and Tripoly).

Do you have a partial scholarship from the university or any other institution? The program will still cover the remaining budget needed in case your profile was eligible.

Apply today and make it before the deadline of June 30, 2015.

For more information you can find the details of the application in:

– All LibanPost branches around Lebanon
– Ajialouna NGO in Tallet el Khayyat and Tripoli
– On www.facebook/tomoohscholarshipslebanon
– On
– The financial aid offices in most universities around Lebanon

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4 comments on “Apply for the Tomooh Scholarship Program today!

  1. Rawan Sarieldine October 30, 2015 8:05 pm

    Hey, I have applied for scholarship and been accepted and paid a check. I just want to ask if the check paid is for 1 year or 1 semester and each semester I shoupd re-apply. Thank you!

  2. Ahmad jeshi September 13, 2017 11:42 pm


  3. Ahmad jeshi September 13, 2017 11:43 pm

    Iam asking for a dicount to my college

  4. Ahmad jeshi September 13, 2017 11:43 pm

    Iam asking for a discount to my college

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