Aliens message Arabs through World Cup football channels

We have all seen them; weird hypnotising digits appearing randomly in different parts of the screen at random intervals of the World Cup matches.


NASA experts held an urgent round table and high level arab specialists gathered for days and nights to decrypt these enygmatic signals.


One group of scientists translated the signals as extra terrestrial warnings of the end of a football era governed by big rich countries and the start of a new era ruled by poor 3rd world countries you have never ever heard of. #Spain #England #Italy #WhosNext

Another group of scientists explained that these signals are just aliens ordering one “Arguilé Hamoud w Na3na3” as arabs transformed football from a healthy sports game to a laid back lazy fattening group shisha event.


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A more extreme explanation stated that these codes are hypnotising messages which controlled the minds of football players pushing them to bite one another!


One last group of scientists simply stated that these are Aliens calling Maryam Nour to come home.


However, another more believable theory surfaced, holding a technical explanation for the bizarre codes which are simply part of an Anti Piracy system put in place by the Arabic Sports channel BeIN, formerly known as Al Jazeera Sports.


In a more nerdy wording, this code is uniquely generated by your viewing card and reciever pairing numbers through a calculation algorythm only known to the broadcasting channel.


But how does this number help fight piracy?

One harmful piracy technique consists of a user buying a card then streaming the channel to thousands of viewers for free over the internet. In this case, the channel operators would locate the stream online and use the unique code appearing on screen to disable the culprit’s card.

To fool proof the system against smart hackers that might blur or hide the code with a piece of paper, broadcasting channels made the code jump randomly (and annoyingly) on screen from one position to the other.


This code can also be used to fetch information and disable remotely the signal of any pub or restaurant caught red handed, by sports channels’ “spies”, airing illegally the games to its visitors.

While we understand the need to protect paying consumers and broadcasting channels’ rights, we believe another less obtrusive solution should be put in place so that these same paying consumers do not get distracted from the awesome games by weird hypnotizing alien like messages popping up everywhere!

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2 comments on “Aliens message Arabs through World Cup football channels

  1. christine June 25, 2014 6:48 am

    Hahaha love the funny intro that question has been on all our minds and curses :p. and lovely how u ended post by actually informing us what is truly is lol.

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