Air Arabia redraws Lebanon’s Map

Air Arabia recently launched an online video promoting 12 flights a week from Lebanon to different areas of the Arab World.

The only problem is that the map, which appears twice in the video, is…wait for it….NOT that of Lebanon!


Fellow blogger Mahmoud Ghazayel‘s post about this mistake on Air Arabia’s wall garnered some funny comments from people who wondered whether this was the Lebanese Pre-Independence map or maybe the Post-Da3esh one! Others asked whether the agency finally did what the Lebanese Government failed to do for years, redrawing our borders with Syria!

While we are sure this is an innocent design mistake or lack of attention to details, it is not forgivable when it comes from a big agency specialized in travel and expected to be trustworthy especially when it comes to geography!

We do give Air Arabia credit points for promoting Lebanon as a hub for its low fare flights, benefiting both tourism and business in the country. We do ask them however, to make this correction swiftly, keeping Beirut on the map…the right map!

POST EDIT: The Video has just been taken off YOUTUBE, probably in an effort to correct it

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