After Ayre Hotel, we introduce to you: Arta Palace!

After the big success of our previous Boss Cam post covering the splendid Hotel Ayre, our blog came accross another interesting hotel creatively named: ARTA PALACE HOTEL!

greece hotel palace arta

greece hotel arta palace

Having inherited its name from its location in Arta, an ancient city northwestern Greece, this hotel is said to represent an unforgettable Arta experience.

hotel arta palace greece

On another hand, online ratings on Trip Advisor from people who have been through Arta set the grades almost equally between Excellent and Terrible.

hotel arta palace greece

Looking closer at the reviews, some users described Arta as “Good for the price paid” while others just settled for “not bad at all”!

rating arta palace hotel

arta palace hotel greece

If you were on a trip to Greece, would you stay in Arta Palace Hotel?

Thank you Nada Saliba for telling us about this interesting destination.

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