A thankful Lebanese…

Am I dreaming or is this really a Black Friday AD on the Radio?

After rubbing my eyes a couple of times, a blast from the past hit me. That boring class about Globalization (Al 3Awlama) and about the world becoming a small village finally made some fun sense! Has part of what is called the American Dream caught on to us?

Despite some criticism from some about us copying other countries, I have always found it beautiful if we could take the best habits out of every culture and lived it at Home, without of course forgetting our true identity.

One celebration I have always looked up to is Thanksgiving Day and how Americans express openly their gratitude for what may sometimes be taken for granted.

Today, to break the usual nagging pattern we all live in, I’d like to be a thankful Lebanese, and here is my personal humble list.

gratitude lebanon thanksgiving zig ziglar

I am thankful we are a hard working population

When I look at how bad the situation is and how we are still holding on economically, I always remember the traffic of people going to work at 6 in the morning and those going back from work at 7 or 8 at night.

When I look at my girlfriend, my brother and sister, and my amazing team and at the amount of effort and sacrifice they put into their every day, despite it all. I am happy we are not a population that just lazily surrendered, despite it all. We kept on working hard, despite it all.

Beirut Mankoushe Lebanon Hard Work

I am thankful we are fun

Our love for life has become a cliché, but maybe it’s because it is true.

I have had the chance to travel to a few countries and until today never met a population as CRAZY and as FUN as we are. The jokes, the hugs, the smooches, the stand up comedy talents on every Facebook post, the Moms & Dads on Social Media, the late night parties followed by a heavy dinner at 4 AM. It is all priceless.

I will keep this one short, but I am sure deep inside you all know what I am talking about.

friends in lebanon

I am thankful for our social ties

Although some exceptions usually pollute the beautiful facts, our social ties are truly inspirational.

No, we do not slam the door at 18 and leave home for good. The amount of sacrifice our parents have placed on raising each and every one of us is worth it.

No, it is not true that our coexistence as multiple beliefs and religions in one small country is an ugly reality. Screw politics and political parties. Look at the shared Christmas Trees and the bee hive Sweets shops on every Eid and you can see that beneath it all, we all just want to live together in peace.

christmas lebanon religion

I am thankful we are changing

Some may not see it, but things are changing. We are changing.

Just comparing the amount of people that used to stop at red lights a few years back and now; the amount of people that stand in line a few years back and now.

The effect that Social Media now has on the system itself is growing day by day and turning into a big wrecking ball that will soon shatter all our complexes and once rigid habits. Change is slow but it IS happening.

civil marriage

For all of this I am a thankful Lebanese.

How about YOU? What are YOU thankful for? 

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4 comments on “A thankful Lebanese…

  1. Immirrim November 28, 2014 11:39 am

    Thank YOU

    • theboss November 28, 2014 3:19 pm

      Thank YOU for always reading & commenting Imirrim 😀

  2. anastasia December 8, 2014 9:10 am

    I am Glad i read this today Ralph, and by coincidence! The More you express Gratitude the more it comes your way! So true and the more you choose to look for the positive things around you, the more you see positives everywhere! Truth is, we are surrounded by so much negativity and it’s so easy for us to fall into that circle, but the true difference we can make is by choosing to be grateful for all the little things, and attentive to all the small positives in our life! 🙂 Have a bright day!

    • theboss December 8, 2014 11:36 am

      Thanks for the comment Anastasia! It is a type of SCIENCE, away from all the cliches we hear on Oprah and Dr Phil, by experience I have come to really believe in the law of attraction.

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