A Story from Bliss Street: Who is Dr Myriam Jones?

I had always seen her there, sleeping in a corner on Hamra’s Bliss Street, in the cold, while people enjoyed a warm chocolate Crêpe from Tonino’s.

Some of the young AUB students generously offered her money, or a jacket, to which she replied with a mixed Lebanese and American accent: “Thank You”.

One day, I decided to sit next to her and ask about her story; I had no clue I was in for a surprising conversation.

Bliss Street AUB Hamra Dr Myriam Jones

“My name is Myriam, Dr Myriam Jones, and I come from Washington in the USA.”

“I used to own a Hospital in the USA before life forced me to leave on a Boeing.”

I asked her more about her life and what got her into her present situation, to which she answered:

“I was always positive but everything around me was so negative; the people, the buildings…everything was negative…negative…negative.”

She paused to light a cigarette then continued:

“We have to do something, before these negative waves resurge from under ground and cover all Lebanon. We have to do something.”

I sat there in silence, I had no idea what to make of all this or what to reply.

Before leaving, I asked her if she needed anything, she smiled and said:

“My twin brother is also an American Doctor, he is coming to pick me up soon. I’ll wait for him here.”


We may never know what is behind Myriam’s mysterious tale. Is it a true story of a person’s life shattered by people and circumstances? Is it just a psychological disorder? A wild imagination?

In all cases, it is definitely a reminder that everyone around us has a story to tell.

A reminder that homeless people sometimes need more than money, shelter, or a harsh “go find a job!” which they hear daily in a world where even highly educated graduates remain unemployed.

Sometimes, they just need us to sit next to them and listen to their story.

Myriam’s story was a simple call for us to live a positive life…and let live.

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3 comments on “A Story from Bliss Street: Who is Dr Myriam Jones?

  1. Aline January 31, 2014 11:31 am

    I had heard rumors that she is always waiting for someone, it altered from brother to son. It’s cool that you got to talk to her. Used to pass by her all the time when I was in AUB…

    • theboss February 2, 2014 12:24 am

      Thank you Aline for your comment. It would be great if we can group the pieces of this story and maybe get to help her in some way.

  2. Nader April 13, 2015 8:18 am

    I talked to her once during last winter. I found her outside of Universal Snack on Bliss. I asked her if she wants food to eat or anything to drink. She declined. I leaned in to understand her better; she directly asked me to move back in a clear panic. She was afraid that “she would infect me with radiations”. She was saying something about “the marines coming from sea to save us from the radiations”. I hope something can be done so we don’t have another Ali story…

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