7 questions to the creator of SLFILM – Shady Hanna vs The Boss

When a new hilarious viral video entitled HABLI – a parody of HAPPY by Pharell – swept off Social Media channels this week, all eyes were on one person who is not quiet used to being in the spotlight as he has always been behind it.

Shady Hanna, creator of big hits such as S.L.CHI, S.L.FILM and LOL, and known talent hunter behind a big number of celebrity Lebanese comedians has just launched his very own comedy workshop: The Comedy Loft by Shady Hanna.

Shady Hanna Comedy Loft Slchi Slfilm Lol Lebanon

To get more insights about his devious plans, we asked:

How would you describe in one word the feeling you get when someone talks about the amazing S.L.FILM?
I simply love it. I get amazed when people approach me and start reciting lines from the movie and more than this I meet youngsters of 7 and 8 years old who love the movie and watched it more than 10 times and they were not even born when SLCHI was on TV.

Which is your favorite comedy character among those you have created so far?
I don’t have a certain preference. All of them are dear because each and every one of the characters has a story and a history behind it.

Slchi slfilm shady hanna comedy loft lebanon

With the launch of the Comedy Loft workshop, any hope for a new comedy cinema production waving in the horizons?
Well yeah. One of the intentions behind the workshop is to create a team or even teams of fresh new talented actors that I can work with in films.

After the all new HABLI, which is your all time favorite music parody creation and why?
HABLI is still new in my record so I have very subjective emotion towards it that’s because I worked with Nisrine Hachem who is an AMAZING talent and I did it with love and with a ZERO budget which makes it my preference for the time being.

Slchi slfilm shady hanna comedy loft lebanon

Do you believe Comedy can change society? How?
In fact the only thing that can change any society is laughter. Laughter is an emotional relief and it directly changes your energy field from negative to positive, that’s why laughter is a technique that psychoanalysts and energy healers use a lot in their practices. Plus, it is highly beneficial to laugh at own self in a constructive manner.

What will participants of the Comedy Loft benefit from?
First Participants will have the chance to break the pattern of unworthiness and experience their abilities in a safe environment where I dig out their hidden magic with my subtle techniques. Comedy Loft is a space of non-judgement where every participant can be himself and be encouraged to explore his talent. On a professional aspect, participants will act in comedy sketches that will be shot on the last day of the workshop and these sketches will be posted online and who knows what happens next.

How can we book a spot on the Comedy Loft workshop?
To book a spot you simply do it on our Facebook Page or call 03 607166.

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