5 reasons the Lebtivity widget is a must-have!


If I had a Dollar for every “shou 3amil 3a ras el séné?” I would use this fortune to build a website listing all the year’s events on one page.

Wait a minute, there already is a site that does just that!

With hundreds of daily events from all around Lebanon, a slick easy to use mobile friendly interface and a growing loyal traffic, Lebtivity has quickly positioned itself as the number one go-to Social Calendar for events and activities in Lebanon.

However, Lebtivity does not only offer users a calendar shaped site to jump swiftly from one event to the other, it also provides website owners an easy to install Widget which can be incorporated inside their own websites and blogs.

Below are the top 5 reasons the Lebtivity Widget is a must-have:

1- It’s easy to install
With just a few clicks you can choose the size, color theme and even the event category. Finally, you can just “Get the code” and easily paste it into your website.


2- Improve audience experience
With such a widget on your page, users will now find another added value and reason to visit you. Visitors will also enjoy a richer experience as they will get to browse through the different event categories and dates without leaving your site.
3- Benefit your business
The above mentioned added value can have an even bigger and more direct positive impact when your business benefits from such events (i.e. Travel Agency, Hotel, …). Exposing visitors to events in Lebanon, may give your bookings that extra push you needed.

4- Improve your SEO
One of the key factors to optimizing your Search Engine visibility is to continuously have new and fresh content on your website. In some cases this may prove to be time consuming and costly for admins who cannot create their own content. The widget which updates regularly, mimics adding new fresh content to your site thus benefiting your SEO.


5- Support a Lebanese startup
Last but not least, what better reason to install a widget than to support the growth of such a successful Lebanese startup. With articles circulating in local and international magazines (check latest Tech Crunch article), Lebanon is proving to be a nest for smart young innovators. These young creative teams, who lack a proper governmental entrepreneurial ecosystem, are counting heavily on fellow Lebanese influencers for support. So if you already own a popular site, using this widget may just be the best win-win method to support the Lebanese youth.

The Lebtivity widget may just be one smart interactive tool which benefits not only website owners and visitors but also all the Lebanese Touristic sector eventually.

Now the next time someone asks you “shou 3amil 3a ras el séné?”, just paste away the Lebtivity link from your clipboard and your answer will be one click away!

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