5 ideas to change Lebanon: vote for your favorite today!

Hundreds of thousands of hours get spent every year on long TV discussions hosting political analysts and economic experts all trying to solve “the Lebanese problem“.

This has always reminded me of a quote by Albert Einstein that says “A problem can never be solved in the context in which it arose”.

So what if we try searching for the answer in the least expected of places?
What if we look somewhere that has not been corrupted by money, power and politics?

For the 5th consecutive year, The New Generation Project has been doing just that by getting the answers from none other than our Youth.

new generation project ngp lebanon youth

In fact, this CSR initiative, launched by Picon, sponsored by the Ministry of Education, and in cooperation with local NGO Arcenciel has been inspiring and educating our children on how they can change Lebanon by positively impacting their community.

kids youth ideas change lebanon community corruption politics

For this year, 5 new ideas have made it to the final face off, chosen among ideas submitted by numerous public and private schools around Lebanon:

Idea 1: A Book for Everyone
Small kiosks around Lebanon where you can drop a book you have read and pick up another one to read instead!

Idea 2: Nap ‘n Go
Sleeping rooms located in different stations around the country to allow for a quick break that would decrease car accident rates in Lebanon!

Idea 3: Have a Seat
Benches made out of recycled unused shipping containers and holding educational messages about healthy eco-friendly habits!

Idea 4: Bus Sweet Bus
Buses which are no longer usable and which can be transformed into fully functional houses for the homeless!

Idea 5: Food for Energy
Leftover food picked up from different restaurants at the end of every day and transformed into eco-friendly compost for farmers instead of detrimental chemicals!

new generation program picon lebanon beirut change

The idea that wins the Vote will get the chance to come to life in all Lebanese regions, with the support of municipalities and trained professionals to ensure a successful implementation.

How you can help? It’s simple!

Vote today on this link or share the explanatory video on your Social Media channels to play a role in pushing such initiatives forward and giving a chance for our kids to succeed where all of us have failed.

I just voted! Have you?

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One comment on “5 ideas to change Lebanon: vote for your favorite today!

  1. Christine March 13, 2015 8:05 am

    What I find very annoying is that we have to vote why don’t they implement all 5 of them I’m sure they can they make us beg for what is our right… But I’ll vote

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