5 features that make JustUnfollow a must have!

With the multitude of social platforms and accounts that each of us has to juggle, it has become a necessity to resort to tools that may just make optimizing our presence online easier.

While many of these tools may lead its users to an un-ethical use of social media in order to gain mass followers, one tool named “JustUnfollow” stands out by its very informative blog guiding the users through the Do’s and Dont’s of using the App.


Below are our 5 favorite features which can definitely help you optimize your online presence:

1- Nearby/Keyword Follow


Originally launched as Keyword Follow, this feature was recently renamed to “Nearby”, allowing users to search for specific tweeps in a location near them.

The big added value for this feature comes as a merge of the location targeting part with the keyword search part. So for example let us say you are looking for an Engineering Job in England, you can easily choose “London” as your location and “Engineering” as your keyword to get a quick listing of all the Tweeps that usually tackle such a subject.

2- Inactive Following


Despite our refusal to admit it, we all have that innate need to keep a check on our following/followers base and instinctively try to keep those two factors balanced.

If you are the type that follows back people automatically or gets inspired by people’s bios more than their tweets history, this feature allows you to get a list of all the tweeps you follow which have been inactive for a long time.

We are not implying to unfollow all of these tweeps however filtering through that list would leave you with a nice active followers base.

3- Recent Unfollowers/Followers

Not sure how you or your brand are doing on twitter? your followers and unfollowers rate are two indicators worth keeping an eye on.


The Recent Unfollowers section will show you in an organized fashion your daily unfollowers. This can be a very useful indicator on who are the people and thus possibly the reasons why they unfollowed your brand.


On another hand, if you share our Obsessive Compulsive Disorder symptoms then you probably hate how Twitter shows your new followers in a grouped unorganized way.

This feature of “JustUnfollow” allows you to go through your list of new followers filtered by date and easily follow back if this tweep’s bio and tweets are of interest to you.

4- Admirers


While it may be the name of this feature that makes my Ego love it the most, its purpose definitely plays a big role in it too.

While we get dozens of “hearts” per day on Instagram we often tend to lose track of people that show us the most love. This feature solves just that.

Admirers compiles a list of the people that frequently like your photos on Instagram and shows you some of their most recent posts so that you can pay back the love by liking theirs.

The fact that multiple photos are displayed for each admirer allows you to like based on content that actually matches your taste and not just mass click blindly to gain popularity.

5- Friend Check


Unlike Twitter, Instagram still does not offer you the ability to track who follows you and who does not.

This feature of “JustUnfollow” feeds that dark side of our curiosity by scanning and displaying whether specific accounts of interest to you are also among your followers’ base.

To conclude, if I were to change anything in this application, I would suggest changing the name to reflect not only the “Unfollow” side of its service but also all the wide range of benefits it offers.

While this tool, just like any other tool can be abused for all the wrong reasons, if it is used in a smart “social” way “JustUnfollow” can, just like its slogan states, help you interact with “right friends, everywhere”.

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2 comments on “5 features that make JustUnfollow a must have!

  1. Nischal Shetty April 2, 2014 12:33 pm

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful review. We’re being used more as a social network growth platform by our users and yes, the name does not really reflect all the wonderful things we’re helping our 6+ Million users achieve. We’ll definitely be looking into fixing that 🙂

    • theboss April 2, 2014 9:32 pm

      Thank you Nischal for the comment, looking forward for new updates! Keep up the great work.

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