420 reasons why you should head to Jounieh tonight!

For the 4th consecutive year, Jounieh’s International Festival, organized by Phellipolis (Friends of the City) celebrates Life; and it all starts with 420 seconds of magical fireworks worth adding to every person’s bucket list!


In fact, the now traditional synchronised fireworks show promises a spectacular night on Friday the 27th June at 10:30 PM.


Here are some of the best locations to witness the show:
– Night boat gathering, special boat event or VIP boat for a magnificent view from the sea side.
– Restaurants and Residential Rooftops facing the bay all along the coastal line and climbing up to the slopes of Harissa.
– Road sides of any hill overlooking the bay and with a clear visibility of the whole coast. Be careful though for parking tickets especially on the highway leading to Harissa.


The cherry on top of the cake? A competition for the most beautiful fireworks photo will crown a winner like every year; so make sure to charge your mobiles, download the Jounieh International Festival application and upload your photos for a chance to win!


For more information about the festival and to book your tickets to the awesome music events (Zaz, Imagine Dragons, Elias Rahbani…), make sure to visit their official Website, Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram accounts.

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2 comments on “420 reasons why you should head to Jounieh tonight!

  1. Billy Haddad June 27, 2014 7:53 pm

    420? Really!? 😀 So everybody in Jounieh’s gonna be high high high

    • theboss June 28, 2014 8:23 pm

      LOL, good one Billy. Fireworks were the only things intended to be “high” in this blog post, no support or opposition intended 😛 But sure glad it was not 69 seconds of Fireworks!

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