30 Years before Aline Lahoud sang The Voice

“My mom sacrificed her career in France for my sake”.

These were the only few words that Aline Lahoud spoke out before going on stage and singing “Khedni Maak” to the huge audience of THE VOICE – France.

Aline Lahoud Salwa Al Katrib The Voice France

In fact, 30 years before Aline Lahoud got onto that stage, her mother, famous Lebanese singer Salwa Al Katrib was turning down a proposal from the artistic director of the French singer Serge Lama to become an International Star in France and the USA.

She wanted to stay here and raise her child in Lebanon.

However, back then, Salwa Al Katrib wouldn’t have probably imagined that 30 years later, that song she loved singing would be going viral on Social Media channels all around the world and getting thousands of tweets, shares and blog posts.

She would have not imagined that audiences in Europe would be translating her lyrics to get a grasp of what made that Jury of experts stand up in appreciation and respect.

Below is the original song “Khedni Maak” as sung by Salwa Al Katrib herself:

Many may argue whether it was a right decision for Aline Lahoud to participate in such a show, especially being a known Lebanese singer herself but what no one can deny is that in a 5 minute on-stage performance, she succeeded in paying tribute to Salwa Al Katrib’s legacy and in showing how one family from Tripoli (her mother’s) and one family from Aamchit (her father’s) could create Art that would astonish the world.

Information Source: Wikipedia

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5 comments on “30 Years before Aline Lahoud sang The Voice

  1. ALARIO DE CARDENAS January 30, 2014 2:33 pm

    Un excellent modèle pour sa fille Aline. J’ai apprécié son talent en la découvrant à The Voice en France, magnifique, j’aime le Liban ainsi représenté.

  2. tess February 1, 2014 3:34 pm

    J étais jeune quand j ai entendu cette pour la 1ere fois cette chanson de Mme salwa el katrib dans 1 théâtre à Achrafieh où j habitais…..
    Aline est deja une chanteuse de grande valeur car elle chante du coeur et c pour ca on a senti qq chose du coeur qui nous a touché;
    Bravo aline :))

  3. Neshan February 1, 2014 4:22 pm

    Well said! In fact, I remember conducting Salwa’s last interview before she passed away, aand her words describing her dreams to have Aline a glowing star still resonate in my ears… On all grounds, Aline unarguably brings pride over Lebanon with her prominent talent.

    • theboss February 2, 2014 12:47 am

      Thank you for your heartfelt comment Neshan. That must have been a touching experience. People my age barely know Salwa El Katrib but I guess Social Media came in the perfect time to spread “virally” the true magic of such authentic Lebanese artists.

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