24/24 Electricity in Lebanon…cuming soon!

After its failure in digging out the Lebanese’ Oil and Gas dreams from the deep blue sea, the Lebanese Government just announced a more innovative solution for the electricity problem that the country has been facing for ages.

wankband lebanese power electricity 24 hours a day

Yes, you will soon witness the end of long hours in the dark where you feared your grandpa’s heart sustaining machine would run out of power or even worse not be able to recharge your mobile’s battery life and stay tragically without Candy Crush for the rest of the night.

The ingenious solution comes after famous international adult entertainment website Porn Hub announced the introduction of a new wearable gadget entitled THE WANKBAND, which puts the power in your hand! Literally.

power water energy lebanon beirut kahraba

In fact, this watch-like item is strapped around the wrist and can generate electricity when moved in an up and down motion while enjoying your favorite adult sex show, fashion tv station or even Lebanese music video clip.

lebanon porn sex adult power hand jack off

Billboard campaigns witnessed on all streets garnered applauds by worldwide marketing professionals for their creative slogan: “LET’s TURN LEBAN-ON!”

wankband beirut lebanon power porn hub

In this widely promoted move, studies conducted by the Lebanese governmental committees were explained live on all TV stations detailing how all male Lebanese citizens will be connected through the WANKBAND to the country’s main Power Plants which will then redistribute all this dirty energy to Lebanese households.

lebanese people power sex porn adult lebanonoff

Yes, you heard it here first, all our people’s hard hard work will pay off and 24/24 Electricity might just be cuming sooner than we expected!

This post is awkwardly dedicated to my awesome friendly competitor Marc Dfouni who was the first to share the Mashable news with us all!

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One comment on “24/24 Electricity in Lebanon…cuming soon!

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